Victorian Road Worthy Certificates

GAS Honda is a Vic Roads Licenced Vehicle tester (10483MC) and is the primary place for motorcycle Road Worthy Certificates in North East Victoria. 

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Common Items
to check!


Check the tyres tread depth indicators, you need a minimum of 1.5mm tread.

Also check Tyre condition, as splits cracks or repaired tyres will need to be replaced.


Check for leaking fork seals and don't forget the rear suspension linkage bearings, are they warn? 

Check your brake pads and rotors for wear too.


Make sure your seat is correctly secured and free from any rips or damage that may affect the rider. 


All lights and indicators must be in working condition. Have you checked your number plate light? 

WINDSCREENS ( When Applicable ) 

Windscreens must be free of damage and correctly secured. 

  • Has your bike been modified? or does it have an oil leak? 

Whats involved in a Motorcycle Road Worthy Inspection?

We've put together a basic list so you can check out a few things before booking your Road worthy Inspection.

For Full Details and the most up to date information please refer to vic roads website below here

What does the Certificate of Roadworthiness inspection cover?

What’s checked

The roadworthy inspection is a check of the vehicle to make sure that key components are in a good enough condition for safe road use. It includes:

  • wheels and tyres

  • steering, suspensions and braking systems

  • seats and seat belts

  • lights and reflectors

  • windscreen, and windows including front wipers and washers

  • vehicle structure

  • other safety related items on the body, chassis or engine

What isn’t checked

The roadworthiness test isn’t a check of the mechanical reliability or general condition of a vehicle. A Certificate of Roadworthiness does not mean that:

  • the vehicle is in top condition without any wear or deterioration

  • non-safety related accessories (such as the air conditioner, rear window demister, electric windows and rear-window wipers) are working

  • the items checked during the roadworthy inspection will continue to function after the inspection, e.g. a brake light can stop functioning at any time after the inspection

  • the vehicle complies with all of the Australian Design Rules (ADRs)

If you require a comprehensive check on the overall condition and reliability of the vehicle then feel free to book in for a Full inspection on the vehicles condition.



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